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Terms and Conditions

OzTheatrics (ABN - 816 328 523 89) are the producers of the Junior Theatre Festival Australia and the Junior Theatre Celebration Melbourne and provide performing arts development and education services, including the sale and distribution of participant tickets. They are the promoter or person responsible for holding the relevant event (the “Seller”). In providing these services, OzTheatrics owns and operates, and (the “Site”).

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before registering for the Junior Theatre Festival Australia, herein referred to as “JTFOz” or for the Junior Theatre Celebration Melbourne, herein refered to as "JTC". By registering for any OzTheatrics event, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions relate both to the registration for and attendance at our events. These Terms and Conditions apply to both the person registering/group leader and any subsequent participants registered (“you”).

Variation to Terms and Conditions

OzTheatrics may vary these Terms and Conditions at any time by updating them. Any variations will only apply to registrations made after these Terms and Conditions have been updated.

Additional Seller Terms and Conditions

Each registration is also subject to any additional terms and conditions of the Seller for the particular event. The additional terms may be disclosed as part of the event information on our website and included in the registration pack. 

Refunds, exchanges and replacements

  1. Group registration fees and individual participant fees are non-refundable.

  2. OzTheatrics will only refund a registration fee if an event is cancelled, rescheduled or significantly relocated by the Seller (and you cannot or do not wish to attend the rescheduled or relocated event), or to the extent otherwise required by law (including the Australian Consumer Law). You must apply for a refund within a reasonable time. OzTheatrics does not offer refunds or exchanges as a result of a change in your personal circumstances. 

  3. If an event is cancelled, rescheduled or significantly relocated by the Seller, all liability is limited to the amount for which the registration was purchased (including any fees or charges). Proof of purchase may be required for any refund or exchange. Unless required by law (including the Australian Consumer Law), OzTheatrics will not be liable for any other losses incurred by you as a result of the cancellation, rescheduling or relocation of an event, including any travel and accommodation expenses.

  4. You should carefully consider the refund and cancellation policies of travel, accommodation and other goods or service providers when making arrangements for attendance at an event. You may also wish to consider taking out a relevant insurance policy to cover for any losses in the event of cancellation, rescheduling or relocation.


Variations to performances or cancellation of events

  1. The Seller reserves the right to add, withdraw, reschedule or substitute artists and/or vary advertised programs, prices, venues, seating arrangements and audience capacity.


Conditions of entry

  1. Admission to an event is subject to the Seller’s Terms.  In particular, the following form part of the Seller’s terms unless otherwise specified:

  2. You may be denied entry into, or removed from, an event where the Seller has reasonable grounds to do so, including if you breach these Terms and Conditions or the Seller’s Terms, or you are intoxicated, under the influence of illicit drugs, inappropriately attired or adversely affecting the enjoyment of the event by others.

  3. If you arrive late, you may not be admitted until a suitable break in the event.

  4. You may not be permitted to take into the event, or use, cameras or other photographic or recording equipment (including mobile phones).

  5. You may be required to submit to a search of your person and/or possessions before entering the event.


Wristband policy

  1. Entry into an OzTheatrics event is only granted to individuals who are officially registered with a registered group for that specific event. Registered participants will be refused entry to an event if they are not wearing a valid official event wristband issued at time of sign in. If a wristband is of a questionable state, including if it has been damaged, tampered with or defaced in any way, or has not been purchased from OzTheatrics or other authorised point of sale.

  2. Wristbands are not transferable between members of a registered group.

  3. One wristband is allocated to each registered participant within a group. If registered groups are found to be transfering wristband between registered and non-registered members, the entire group may be disqualified from the event and asked to leave without refund of any registration fee or participation fee.

  4. OzTheatrics events are not public events and therefore, tickets are not sold to the general public. As such, wristbands may not be on-sold to members of the public or to anyone who is not a registered participant of the event.


ON SALE/SCALPING WARNING: The resale of wristbands in certain circumstances is governed by ticket sales legislation and may attract criminal penalties.

Registration and sign in

  1. You must allow adequate time for registration and sign in when you arrive at event venues at advertised sign in times. At such time you will be required to sign off on and acknowledge that you understand relevant information. Such information may include, but will not be limited too, t-shirt quantity, wristband policy, event program quantity, adjudication rules, release forms. 


System Errors

  1. While OzTheatrics takes all reasonable care to ensure that registrations are correctly priced and only available for sale when intended, sometimes errors may occur. OzTheatrics may cancel an order made as a result of any such error, although in the case of a pricing error OzTheatrics will endeavour to contact you to give you the option of purchasing the registration at the correct price.


Customer Errors

  1. If an error on your behalf results in OzTheatrics reprocessing the registration transaction at your request, OzTheatrics may charge to you the actual costs incurred in reprocessing the registration transaction, including any chargeback or postage fees charged to OzTheatrics by a third party.


Adjudication Guidelines

  1. Each group must present excurpts from an officially licenced Broadway JR., Broadway KIDS or One-Act Edition Collection show through Music Theatre International Australasia for a small panel of professional theatre artists, adjudicators and other festival attendees. 

  2. The content of the performance must include only material (dialogue and music) that is part of the official Broadway JR., KIDS or One-Act Edition script. 

  3. You must use only backing tracks from the official Broadway JR., KIDS or One-Act Edition showkit. No vocal recordings to be used.

  4. Music should not be edited or cut from the form in which they appear in the script and libretto materials. Scenes may be shorted for the adjudication performance. All music and scenes should remain in the same sequential order that they appear in the script and libretto materials.

  5. Before your specific performance, your group is given approximately twenty minutes to warm up in a separate room. 

  6. Following your performance, adjudicators talk directly to the student performers, highlighting specific impressive areas of the presentation and also offering constructive feedback to encourage further growth. 

  7. Following your adjudication and feedback session, your cast and creative team will be escorted to another room for a moderated discussion about what they experienced and how they interpreted the adjudicator comments. 

  8. Drama blocks may be provided for use in the performance. The only other set pieces allowed are chairs. For safety, no one is allowed to stand on these chairs. 

  9. No costumes, make-up, set pieces or props are allowed. The only exception is small hand props that are ESSENTIAL to the choreography. For example, mugs for the tavern dance in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast JR. are acceptable. A mask for the Beast or books for Belle are not. 

  10. The performance space is approximately 8m x 6m. There will be some offstage space on both stage left and right, but there are no curtains and no back cross-over space. This size indication is an approximation only and may vary depending on each pod space.

  11. Groups should wear either their own production t-shirts or drama blacks for their presentation. 

  12. Performers must wear shoes at all times. 

  13. Groups must provide their own Accompaniment CD/iPhone/USB drive and operator. OzTheatrics will not be responsible for faulty resources and music sources provided by you or your group.

  14. Microphones are not available. 

  15. Everyone in the Adjudication Room must be registered for the festival with a group. Parents and/or guests of performers will not be admitted to any performance if they are not registered with a group. 

  16. If you have two groups each group must present a different Broadway JR., KIDS or One-Act Edition title and have obtained a full Showkit and license to present each of the titles within the timeframe guidelines. 

  17. If you have two groups each group must register separately. This means two separate registration processes and two non-refundable registration fees.

  18. Each group will be allocated to different adjudication pods.

  19. Each group must have a minimum of 40 participants for JTC Melbourne and 30 participants for JTF Australia. This number can include students, directors, chaperones and any additional family or friends. With a minimum of 25 students (inclusive) for JTC Melbourne and 20 students (inclusive) for JTF Australia.

  20. Each group must have a different primary contact.

  21. Each group must have a completely different creative team (includes director, choreographer and music director).

  22. Each group must have a different set of chaperones.

  23. Each group must have their own cast. No student can perform in both productions.

  24. Groups from the same organization will be placed in different adjudication pods and student workshops and will be unable to watch each other perform during adjudication. 


Child Protection

  1. It is strongly advised that all teachers, directors, creative teams, chaperones, parents and students over the age of 18 hold a valid working with children check with the registered group/school/organisation from which they are a registered participant.

  2. Group leaders and chaperones maintain responsibility for their registered students at all times. 

  3.  There must be one chaperone per every four students at all festival events. If you have more chaperones than are necessary, that is wonderful! Consider creating a schedule so each of you can take a break when needed. 


Participant Conduct

  1. Group leader/directors responsibilities include making sure your students are respectful throughout the event as both participants and audience members. 

  2. While awards are a part of our events, the event is not a competition. Anything you can do to encourage celebration over competition assists in creating a positive atmosphere at OzTheatrics events. 

  3. All participants and chaperones will be supportive of their group’s creative team. Many times while you are chaperoning, your creative team will be attending receptions, workshops and training. For them to get the most out of these opportunities, it’s important they know their students are representing them and their community well. 

  4. All participants should strive to uphold and create a positive experience for all students and other participants. 

  5. Do not directly approach event celebrities and guests if they are enjoying “down time”. 

  6. Bad language and negative comments towards special guests and celebrities will warrant disqualification from the events and the participant or entire group may be asked to leave the event entirely.

  7. Partons intoxicated or under the influence of illegal drugs will be removed from the event.


Permission to publish and media release 

  1. All registered participants grant OzTheatrics and their affiliate including Music Theatre International Australasia, iTheatrics, Disney Theatrics, Travel Gang and Hal Leonard Australia the right and permission to use and publish the photographs/film/videotapes/electronic representations and/or sound recordings made of registered participants and release OzTheatrics and their affiliates from any and all liability from such use and publication.

  2. All registered participants authorise the reproduction, sale, copyright, exhibit, broadcast, electronic storage and/or distribution of said photographs/film/videotapes/electronic representations and/or sound recordings without limitation at the discretion of OzTheatrics and their affiliates and specifically waive any right to any compensation for any of the foregoing for an unlimited duration.


Payment Deadlines

  1. All group leaders registering a group for an OzTheatrics event should understand that payment deadlines for registration fees and individual participant fees are non-refundable.

  2. All registration fees and individual participant fees are due by a specified date each year and any groups who wish to add additional participants after the cut off deadlines will be charged an addition admin fee of $100 on top of the normal participation fee.

  3. OzTheatrics reserves the right to not allow groups to add extra participants after the cut off deadline.

  4. Under no circumstances will additional participants be added to a group registration up to 7 days prior to the event. 

  5. Payments are only accepted through the registered groups payment portal on intellibook. Credit Card, Cash or cheque payments will not be accepted.


Maximum/Minimum Group sizes

  1. Registered groups must have a minimum of 40 participants in their group for JTC Melbourne and a minimum of 30 participants in their group for JTF Australia. If a group has less than 40  or 30 participants respectively the minimum registration fee and total participation fee will still be charged to the group. To avoid doubt this will be $350 (including GST) group registration fee + 40 x the participant fee for JTC Melbourne and $350 (including GST) group registration fee + 30 x the participant fee for JTF Australia.

  2. Participation and registration group fees may change from year to year to allow for inflation.


Travel and accommodation

  1. Groups attending OzTheatrics events are responsible for making their own travel, lodging and food arrangements.



  1. Groups may only choose a show title from the MTI Broadway JR., KIDS or One-Act Edition Collection.

  2. You show must have been licensed by your group either the year before the event, the year of the event or the year following the event. 

  3. Groups wishing to present a show they have not presented or a show they haven’t licensed before will need to contact their MTI Australasia representative to get the performance license and materials. 


OzTheatrics Online Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

The Website Terms of Use and the OzTheatrics Privacy Policy are incorporated into these Terms and Conditions and apply to all sales and registrations through this Site.


The term “including” when used in these Terms and Conditions is not a term of limitation.

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